Sanctity of - valluvan kadavuSree Muthapan Temple(sree kovil)

Valluvan Kadavu has gained world-wide attention among temples similar to this. Sri Muthappan who is the worshipable diety of common people has always remained the hope of poor people. Valluvan Kadav temple’s importance is the result of the revelation of Muthappan to the gods. We have started the work on temple complex a few year ago with the land regained from the previous owners. By the blessings , initial work of the temple has been completed within the stipulated time. We have taken into consideration the different traditional and modern arts in the temple construction and sculptural works Due to divine blessings, the temple activities improved nicely more than what was expected to be done.

Facilities such as accommodation, resting place for the devotee families have been completed. With river side scenic beauty, the blessed Valluvan Kadavu is geared to make further improvement. Local people participate in the pious activities as part of their life, looking forward to a generation of peity. The predecessors having kept the good wishes of Gods have taken the popularity of the temple across the Ocean. The temple complex which gives prosperity to the land and the people is set for further advancement. Transportation facilities have also to be improved.In the past, agricultural and animal husbandry and fishing were the activities that people were involved in. Farming connected with Valluvan Kadavu had a prosperous past. Along the river bank ,there were highly cultured people and water transport ation was the only mode of transportation available at that time.. Having regard to all the traditions, we are moving head.

In general,there is a revival of devotion and faith in the public especially in the youth. This new change is visible in Valluvan Kadavu also. In this age of Kali, giving up madness, greed and growing up in good association, one can achieve greater heights. This achievement has been tried to bring consolation to the good hearted people.In the busy and troubled world, facilities are there for all to take Darshan and blessing s of Lord Muthappan at Valluvan Kadavu and at any time to get relief from troubles. Many devotees are fully convinced that they have achieved mental relief from tribulations.

It should also be noted that Muthappan temples behold Narayana Guru’s devine vision that anyone can visit the temple without discrimination of cast, religion or any prescribed rules. Today temple related activities are being carried out on schedule. Many facilities have been provided around the temple. Nata pandal is nearing completion. Prasadam Hall, Wedding Hall and Prayer Hall are in the planning stage. There is no doubt that Valluvan Kadavu will be transformed into a social, cultural, spiritual or educational center.

When one more festival takes place there will be a good feeling that things have been accomplished coupled with the fact that many more responsibilities are not manifested.

Sree Kovil
Valluvan Kadavu has gained world-wide attention among
Valluvan Kadavu has gained world-wide attention among
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